Random thoughts

What did I do to make you mad
Will I ever get an answer
I don’t understand your world
I know I don’t belong
But I was a friend
Who fell in love
I couldn’t hide it
I guess
But I’m still here
Wondering how I can fix this
But you won’t let me speak to you
Emotions ran strong
Now it’s turning to despair
If this was like before
It won’t turn out good
No happy endings in my life
Nothing to look forward to
I can’t say the right thing to you
If I put it out there
Will you finally know
How it feels
To be in my life
Or to feel what I feel
I want you to understand
Just reach out
Or is it ruined
If it is
Then delete me from your life
And pretend I didn’t exist
And don’t look back
Like what was done to
Me before
I can’t recover from that
But I deal with it alone
With no one to speak to about it
In the real world you got my respect
In an emotional world you got
My pain
Why I did this
I’ll never know
I wanted to breathe
And open up
To get shut down