Some day he will miss you as much as you miss him
Someday he will want to hug you as much as you want to hug him
Someday he will want the moments back just like you
Today he will miss seeing your face in the light
Tomorrow he will miss walking in the rain
Yesterday was too late because it’s already passed
You will look into a dark window and see nothing
Just sit on the floor and wait for that hand to reach down on a stormy night
Things will never be the same
You’ll be forever lost cause the words spoken were wrong
Nobody can scream so quietly
It’s inner self most deep thoughts
Self reflection on all the bad things thats been done
It’s a repeating process
Once it rains harder the pain becomes stronger
Maddening deaf quiet harsh tones in the still of silence encompass all life while waiting for that sweet voice
But everything is and always will be black