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Politics and Covid

Who is as tired as me of hearing about these two critical topics?

Why is everyone yelling at one another?

Who is tired of everyone yelling all the time?

Why is no one listening?

I am tired of all of the above, and Here is a spoiler alert, 2021 will never regenerate back to 2019, Like we cannot get this time back, Prior to Covid. The times are gone, and I don’t like this “new” Normal, or whatever this is supposed to be. Nobody wants to work and those who are working, Are getting yelled at for it.

Parents who don’t want their kids sick are getting yelled at by the ones who don’t want their kids in masks. Kids just want to go to School. Parents need child care to go back to work. Don’t even think about flying right now, Same applies. People arguing and getting thrown off flights and getting arrested. Who are we? What is this turning into? Yes, that is the “new” normal. I thought we were supposed to move forwards, Not backwards. So, Why can’t we? I like to think of it as Wild Animal Kingdom, lol. Cases are on the rise and hospitals are full, We hear it everyday. It sounds like it’s worse now than it was in march 2020.. But the world has fallen straight down the proverbial hate path. Vaccines vs man, Women and children ages 12 and older. I would never tell anyone what to do, But this debate, Whew…

And what about Politics? Yeah, exactly, What about it.. You vote one way and get criticized, Vote another way and it turns into a war. we all have a belief system that we follow and we want to understand why the other side doesn’t think the same way we do.
What happened to being a humanitarian? Kindness counts, or at least it used to. I try to be kind to everyone every day, Sometimes it can be tough. Just breathe America. Covid won’t be around forever, Knock on wood.

Well we have Sports back. Youth to Professional, So there’s that. That’s some normalcy we all remember, What a relief!

I pray you are healthy and safe. Please make decisions wisely. Be kind and caring.
Hug your family, daily.

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