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A new

Let’s be honest. Whose writing picked up
Or stopped during corona? These Past few months have been crazy! Couldn’t be out, couldn’t live. The world. Just stopped.
My intuition has increased. We’re being played. There’s too many things going in the wrong direction. We want to move forward, not backwards.
The people I’d love to connect with have fallen to the wayside and everything irritates me to now end with no rational reasoning. These 4 walls have been the most boring and enclosed structure on this Earth.
We did go haunt down to the beach though. Nice to see some adhere to the masks and others choosing their own freedoms. I’ve now been on both coasts of this Country.
The ocean is one of the happiest and most serene places ever.
I’m an adult and don’t feel the need to be dictated by one person who acts like they’re the king. So much so I’ve considered moving to another state.
Pray this ends. Pray for those who have gotten sick. Pray. Period. And don’t be afraid. Be a human and make your own decisions.

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