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The Return of What?

So doing those again after so long, I Don’t know if I still have it in me. What’s all this prove besides nothing.
I feel this is a terrible waste of time. It’s not going to change people’s minds or allow them to come in my life and tell me they understand me now, because they won’t. Anyone out there who just feels like they live in the dark world I just want you know, I am there and I understand you.

Message me or comment. .I can help, I’m a great listener, But nobody does…
I’ll be fighting this forever. What we need are hugs and smiles and patience, and to be held.

Two people I was immensely close with, One is completely gone. He was my best friend. He understood Every little thing.
I’ll miss him every single minute of every day. I just want to know how he is doing.

Second front is a little better. Speaking terms is better then silence.
If someone is silent with you, They want to move on. They don’t want you. Follow your heart.

Take the best of every day. To those in the dark this should read hour by hour. You never know what to expect. We just want to be in bed all day under those blankets because this is the safest we feel. Nobody can harm us here. It’s comforting and comfortable. We can imagine being where ever we want, and we can imagine being with someone we love but are afraid to tell them this in real life. So we plan it all out. The happy life and home and partner and scenery. Every little aspect is perfect in our minds never to he shared with another living soul.
That house in the mountains still seems like the perfect world to me. That’s my escape. Nobody would ever find me and I can live and learn to be happy on my.own terms.

It’s magicial and gives me a sense of calm.

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