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How would you know

How would you know of this were someone’s last ditch effort of reaching out and nobody was there? What if that last phone call was the last breath they took and you didn’t answer?
Just let that sink in…

It’s ok to stay on your own path but we tend to let people fall to the way side along the way. We could mean something to them, We could be the only one who can help or offer a smile to them and it can make their day and change their journey for the better.
Who’s really there when we need them?
I feel just as alone, Daily. And it’s because people are so consumed with what suits them that life passes by and vanishes in an instant.
I can mean nothing to the world but mean the world to one person.
Don’t be consumed.
Read between the lines.
Be that person.
Reach out and care
How do you know what a person is going through until you ask?
By any statistic I should not be here right now. I have been pushed down for so long that I cannot come up for air anymore.
I don’t know why I am but we all serve a purpose. Don’t look away. Be that person. You never know what you bring

5 thoughts on “How would you know

  1. This was a fantastic read. There’s something special about when someone writes, and can inherently feel that it is they who are talking; not just a character of themselves.

    I also find the topic very interesting; I’ve got a draft of a similar topic which focuses on how we all focus, not on the first time we do something, but whether it will be the last time we do it. And it’s interesting – that what if you were someone’s last phone call they would ever make, and you didn’t even answer it.

    Reminds you to take the time; doesn’t it?

    Don’t feel so alone. The fact you are, should you remind you you’re not. Because every single person on this planet has felt it at some point or another.

    Thanks for the read.

    P.s. “I just don’t know anything anymore.” That’s the secret. None of us do.

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