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It’s True


I love you to death. 
I just wanted to say it because you won’t let me. 
I miss you but you already know it 
For as much as I am hurting I still reach out to you 
My childhood taught me that I will never learn or know better 
You don’t know what it’s like to trust someone and have it taken away abruptly What you see isn’t what you think 
Behind closed doors it’s dark and lonely 
I’m afraid and have to face it alone 
When all I want is a hug and to feel a sense of calm again, I can’t have that. You left me no where to find it

We were closer than anything but you let go 
Prayer doesn’t work when the very depths of our creator who allows pain is put upon you Drilling in your mind constantly 
Where are you when I needed it 
I faced many things alone 
I can’t apologize 
My words seem meaningless 
For once can I talk so you understand
I always seek out your attention but like always the back is turned like I am evil and had done something wrong

I’m nothing to nobody

But something to somebody

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