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Where Does It Go From Here

They say not to take life so serious and to sit back and have some fun. Well, that’s hard  when you have your guard up all the time.

When someone hurts you when your little, It takes away all the innocence of childhood. I was afraid, A lot. How do you stop this from happening? You can’t. Not when your so young that nobody hears you or believes you. I don’t want to remember what happened. Nor would I ever want to re live it.

Hows does this affect a person today? I cannot trust anyone. I don’t know how to love anyone, not even myself, I have a half sense of knowing and understanding of any religion and I wake up from nightmares.

People wonder why I do the things I do and why I’m always on edge. How do you make it end? Is there anything out there such as a magic world to completely re invent your soul so I could actually breathe and smile for once?

Where does it go from here?

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