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You’re wrong

If you think you’re right, you’re wrong. If you think you’re wrong, you’re right. You think you know my life, you don’t. You think we’ll be friends, we won’t. Want to close the door, go ahead. I’m standing my ground and figuring it out myself. You want to speak up, you can’t. I don’t care who says what, I’ll fight back. I can’t remain silent anymore. You think I’m lying, you’re a fool. For what you believe is false. You practice a lonely life because you’re weak and you let that show. I knew it all along. You’re not who you say.
I’m the only one who will say it.
Is this enough, No. Will it continue, forever. I don’t lie and I’m not fake. You made this mistake. I will pray for your soul but that won’t help, you tear down the brick walls you’ve bind yourself to. Crying for help but no one would listen. Look at you now. The roles are reversed. I can hold my head high because of the last day till I die, you’ll always be cast in the shadows. Someone I looked up to and someone I believed is a fraud and a fake. Turn to your creator, he sees what you do. Your words are untrue. Never to be heard from, ever again. I walk away till the end.

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