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It would be but…

Dealing with as much as I do on a daily basis is unheard of. It also depend on what it is I am dealing with. It’s either inside emotional pain or stress. Both combined and I’ve called it a day.

Luckilly there’s the select few who I can depend on to keep me on the sane side. Unfortunately they’re never around. Life is so busy why is it that when you cry it nobody listens. They’ve heard it before or they don’t know what to say.  I’m reaching my hands out for someone to hold. I’m reaching my heart out to be healed. I’m reaching my mind out to learn about who I am, not where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. Looking forward I worry it will never come. Or if it has it was just a stranger crossing paths in a busy world. Tell me where to go and what door to open. I’m reaching out to you but you can’t hold your hand out. Maybe you don’t know how. Saying the wrong words is better than silence. I have to be silent on the outside and crying on the inside. If anyone saw I wouldn’t know how to explain, I go to speak and no words come out. I feel broken.

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