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An End

I need to put an end to all this.
Someone teach me how.
The days just all blend together, I don’t know if I’m coming or going.
People who used to be there, aren’t.
They disappear and think it’s okay.
I’ll never trust anyone again or put my faith in anyone. You’ve ruined that for me. So I’m shutting the door on everyone so nobody else can be let in.
There’s nothing else to know. When there’s no options left other than a few passing thoughts now an again.
It doesn’t work.
I don’t think the writing is working.
What would I possibly have to say to all of you? What knowledge could I share? I want to take time back, hit rewind, so I can prevent the past. How do you prevent the past? I want it as though it never existed so even if we pass I wouldn’t know you.
There would be no feelings. No nothing, you would be just another random person.
Too late. We can’t stop this minute from happening. No matter what.

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