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When Will I Learn

If what I say were true
Then I am in love with you
I didn’t expect to say
That I’d love you someday
Tomorrow not today
I will pass your along your way
You won’t even notice that I’m there
I will be silent
I will hide
All that I’ve lost is my pride
I can’t bear to face you
Don’t know what to say
I hope you understand
I will speak someday
I will break my silence
And come to you
Only because
I don’t know what else to do
Run towards the light
Cause my life is dark
I need your advice
On where to start
To do this or not
Where does it end
I can’t stand it
If you’re not even a friend
You know what I’m saying
So what did you do
Used words against me
And lied
Is this true
I’m tired of hurting
I’m tired of pain
This is everyday
Always the same
Where do I turn
Why should I speak
Nobody listens
Atleast I think
Maybe they do
But turn their cheek
Advice is much needed
On where to go
I am lost without you
You have to show
I know I messed up
I know when I’m wrong
But silence is deadly
You’re words are strong
So for now
I will remain silent
And sit here in angst
Waiting for my turn
In your life
Of chance

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