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It’s Time

It’s time for the emotional breakdown. To hit rock bottom and maybe when I’m down there I will find what it is I am looking for.
Whatever that is. Is it time to move on is it time to stop caring or do I just keep getting knocked to the ground with no warning. What’s it going to lead to in the end. It’s going nowhere fast.

I want to know where it all went wrong and what I’ve done I cause it. No one is deserving of a life of questioning themselves and second guessing their choice in words and emotions that take over.
There’s nothing to start with, there’s nothing to end with. I’m no where in the middle. I’d rather be alone to figure out where it is I want to be and who I want in my life, but it’s too late. Life chose for me exactly where I am right now. Too bad I’m not good at life. I firmly believe letting your heart and emotions take over leads to disaster, from previous experience. So the next time I just let it all happen all over again. Lessons learned for the future, this trend has got to stop.
The simplest words spoken can cause irreplaceable damage.
I came in the middle. Not the beginning or the end. Coming in the middle is harmful because it seems there’s no compassion in the middle. Nothing matters and words no matter how hurtful or kind get shrugged off. It’s nothing like the end or the beginning.
Lessons got to be learned to reach the end which should of never started. It seems coming in the middle causes irrefutable harm where people just try to be nice but you know in the back of your mind it’s fake nice. And I hate that, along with liars.
I will say the view is incredible though but forbidden.
Emotional breakdown anyone?

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