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Something Random

When she woke up she knew she was doomed from the start. Last night ended in tragedy. She lost the love of her life. They were so perfect together. He knew every move she made and when and how. So what went wrong?
(Going ahead a year) walking through the park it all started unbeknownst to them. It was a beautiful clear day along the waters. He invited her to spend the day getting to know his family. It seemed typical until a dark haired, well built muscular man appeared. “Could it be?” She thought innocently, “nah, that’s impossible.” She turned and gazed back into Tim’s eyes lovingly. Then a breeze started blowing as this mysterious man edged closer. She had overheard her soon sister in law to be ask how Paris was. She quickly remembered her days in Paris and walking around the Eiffel Tower and how magical it was. Then it hit her. Marc was back… but how did he know where she was? How did Tim’s family know him? Her heart started racing. Suddenly it all became very clear.
This was the same Marc that Tim had always spoke about-the college roommate from Columbia. They haven’t seen each other in years with just barely a phone call or postcard. Suddenly a shadow cast over her. “Bonjour Juliette.” He whispered. Tim didn’t hear because he had jumped up quickly to greet his long lost buddy. Juliette didn’t know how to respond, all she could do was fight back tears as the two walked away. Her thoughts immediately fell back to Paris, It was her fault they were no longer together. Someone had caught her eye.

Juliette loved to read and had come to the same spot every day under the beautiful 100 year old oak tree nestled along the Seine. She noticed everyday at the same time a man with brown hair and brown eyes walked to the cafe for lunch. He would always give a smile and she could smell his cologne.”He always seems happy,” she thought, “I wonder who he is.”

“It takes a lot of money,” said Tim. He was talking to Marc about their days at Columbia. She quickly fell out of her fantasy and looked at Tim with a blank stare.” This my fiancé Juliette,” Tim said with a great big smile. “Nice to meet you, said Marc as if he never knew her at all. She shook his hand and looked into his eyes questioning his motives in her mind. Tim further explained they met at a warehouse where he worked and they were to be married soon. She glanced with a smile. “Well c’mon Julie, as Tim called her, this food is getting cold.” They all sat together and engaged in talk about old days and the wedding but Julie couldn’t help but feel guilty. “Should I tell him or not? Is it going to come up, Will Marc tell him the truth?”
The evening ended promptly as the skies turned dark. It smelled like rain.
Once again Marc had parted and gone off into the night and she hoped she would never see him again. Back home Tim had a modest home he had just remodeled. Julie sat in the bathroom and brushed her hair staring in the mirror still shocked about the day. “Honey, Tim called, Have you seen my sweats, I swear I left them on the chair.” “They’re in here,” she whispered. He had noticed she looked kinda down and he went to embrace her. It just reminded her of the nights in Paris. She didn’t know what to say.

She had returned to her spot to finish the last chapters of her book. It was windy with a hint of fall in the air as she watched a family walking along the path. It was this stranger she was waiting for. Marc would travel throughout Europe and was usually gone during the week leaving Julie free to spend her days alone soaking up the city. She sat quietly and watched the water flowing down its banks. Some time had gone by and she noticed this man hasn’t come by today. So she just decidedly heads out. Gathering her stuff she starts walking and notices more people than usual walking along the river.

Tim had fallen asleep long ago and all Julie is left with is her thoughts. The flashbacks of her relationship with Marc were playing over and over in her mind. She had wondered if their paths would cross again or if Tim will be in contact with him. What was going to happen? The next few days were typical. She finished much needed errands and Tim always left early for work. All she knew was something in her mind kept telling her to return to the city she loved.

As she continued her walk home she noticed a small gathering of people near the park bench, they were looking out over the river. Then she noticed him. She felt a little flush but decided to keep walking. “Excuse me Madame, We are asking for the publics help. We’re starting a coalition to save the rivers,” She just barely hung on the words because her eyes were gazing upon the mysterious man who actually was pretending to have a conversation with a fellow employee.
Their eyes then fully locked and he flashed his smile and she felt a warm ness and felt as though she should of said hi but quickly left on home. “What was I doing, why did I leave?” She thought. What she didn’t know was he started to slowly follow behind. He sat across the street and watched her enter through the beautiful wooden door. She just stood there leaning up against the door, with tears streaming down her face. She felt a connection to him.

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