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No Words

Stay and don’t leave
Stay close to my heart
You’re good for my soul
I want to feel safe
So they can’t hurt me again
I live in pain
I couldn’t run away
I had to live there
I was only little
Who could do this
I want to be in your arms
So I can feel safe
Nobody can hurt me anymore
To get through one night
But you understand
When no one cares
No one listens
It’s not me
It’s the pain
It hurts
To even walk
I wonder what I did wrong
To deserve this
Nobody came to help
Or called to save me
They just let it happen
Sadness and crying out
Don’t work
Take sleeping pills so I don’t have
Nightmares but wake up in panic
Whys this keep happening
Don’t put me through anymore
I am drained
Nothing left
Where do I turn
Someone please help
I want to feel safe

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