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Good Morning

Too bad my mornings are at night. I can’t imagine joining the corporate world in the daily 9-5 grind and I tend to get more accomplished at night, but too bad the world won’t catch up to me. 

I have much more clarity at night too. My realm of thinking is much more clear. So this leads me back to the blogging world yet again. I love writing, I love photography and my new found love of history and research. And I can’t forget music. Music says the words when I cannot.  I like to consider myself a music phenom unless it’s country then I have to pass. You haven’t lived till you’ve heard some good Motown and the legends of Rock. I’d have to say Gerry Rafferty is on top of my music world. You can find me listening to music at any time of the day. 

Going to put the headphones in

-till then


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